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Marine Conservation Program Manager

May 2021 - Present

As the Marine Conservation Program Manager at ReefCI, my role comprises a range of responsibilities across the organization. 

I manage in-person operations and development of ReefCI and represent the brand in all client-facing activities, engaging with volunteers daily. As a result of positive client experiences, I frequently initiate industry partnerships and relationships.

By leading a team of 14 staff including dive instructors, divemasters, captains, caretakers, a housekeeper, cooks, and interns, I have positively impacted ReefCI's reputation and brand. Using empowerment, I have successfully retained the majority of our staff for longer than a year and a half. This retention has led to an increase in repeat clients.

In addition to creating a positive customer experience and leading our team, I cultivate relationships with local organizations and partners to develop ReefCI's reputation within Belize. 

Communications Intern

January 2020 - April 2021

Just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I began work alongside ReefCI's Director, Anthony Saner, as a Communications Intern for ReefCI. 

I established a cohesive brand strategy and brand identity for ReefCI by creating a brand styleguide. After developing a brand voice, I wrote grant applications for the program. Using the new styleguide, I managed all social media platforms, updated the website, and created mockup prototypes for the brand. 

My largest responsibility in the program was updating ReefCI's entire marine conservation education program. I created a cumulative program including 32 branded PowerPoint presentations and a new schedule. This program is what is still currently used on the island.

After completing my internship, I created an interactive document showcasing my work and describing my outcomes and skills acquired (included on the right).

ReefCI Communications Internship Portfolio.jpeg

Citizen Science Volunteer

July 2019 & December 2020

My first experience with ReefCI was as a citizen science volunteer on a Miami University's Scuba Diving & Snorkel Club trip. During my time as a volunteer, the project focused on collecting data. After presentations about lobster, conch, and Caribbean fish/coral species, we identified and collected scientific data alongside marine biologists. The data was given to the Belize Fisheries Department. I was also introduced to the problem of invasive lionfish in the Caribbean. 

Tom Owen's Caye, where the program is located, is a tiny one-acre island 25 miles from the coast of any country. The opportunity sparked my passion for marine conservation.

What is Reef Conservation International?

Reef Conservation International is a non-profit organization empowering citizen scientists to participate in marine conservation projects. The current conservation project focuses on the education and removal of invasive lionfish from the Belize Barrier Reef.
Scuba divers come from around the world to participate in ReefCI's 5-day/4-night conservation and education program on Tom Owen's Caye in the Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve. 

The lionfish program consists of oral and PowerPoint presentations, a coconut spear training session, lionfish culling, dissection, data collection, and fileting. While on the island, divers also learn about other topics regarding the ocean. They also participate in a weekly beach cleanup on neighboring islands in the region.

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