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International Strategic Initiatives Director

August 2020 - May 2021

As the International Strategic Initiatives Director, I held a vital role in the brand and organizational development of World Creativity & Innovation Week and Day, a recognized United Nations Day of Observance. 

My most essential role was curating a vision for the organization and virtually collaborating with 20 advisory board members representing 12 countries in decision-making for the brand strategy. I establi
shed and maintained key relationships and partnerships, organized events and meetings, and upheld communications standards to create a well-curated brand narrative.

One of the most notable events I organized was a 20-hour live stream summit for the 2020 celebration of  WCID showcasing organizations and individuals around the world working towards creatively achieving the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The event hosted 60+ speakers from 20 different countries.

As an organization leader, I internally facilitated innovation sessions and ensured messaging was kept consistent across teams. Additionally, I managed team leaders through growth while evolving a complex brand strategy. My complete team consisted of more than 50 people with 7 direct reports.

Communications Intern

November 2019 - August 2020

As a communications intern, I developed a consistent and effective engagement social media strategy for WCIW/D with a team of six marketing coordinators. Building on set guidelines, I developed a transitional social media plan through branded role playbooks.

Working with Chief Steward, Dr. Jim Friedman, I established the successful transition of WCIW/D to Miami University. After curating an advisory board with representatives from 12+ countries, WCIW/D received international recognition from universities, major companies, and industry leaders.

I progressed WCIW/D's branded styleguide and used it to strengthen branded messaging. Projects included (but not limited to): website design, social media brand presence, one-page information sheets, user tool kits, logo design, email tone/voice, and annual reports.

After completing my internship, I created an interactive document showcasing my work and describing my outcomes and skills acquired (included on the right).

WCIW_D Communications Internship Portfolio Cover.jpeg

What is World Creativity & Innovation Week/Day?

World Creativity & Innovation Week/Day (WCIW/D) is a worldwide community dedicated to encouraging and empowering everyday creativity in homes, schools, and communities. We exist to celebrate every creative idea, effort, and the imagination inspiring it to help everyone live more creative lives. 

WCIW/D's mission is simple: to encourage people to use new ideas, make new decisions, and take steps toward making the world better through creative thinking.

World Creativity & Innovation Day, April 21, is a United Nations International Day of Observance celebrating the use of creativity & innovation to advance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. WCID exists to empower people to use new ideas, make new decisions, and make the world a better place.

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