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By living with an entrepreneurial mindset, I see opportunities all around me. I am fueled by development in everything I do and aim to strategize ways of moving the needle on all my projects.


I am curious. I seek adventure and connection in cultures, languages, lives, and people. As the Marine Conservation Program Manager at Reef Conservation International, I connect with divers from around the world as they experience the beauty of the Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve. We positively impact the future of our ocean by removing invasive species, protecting the natural environment, and educating divers: the underwater world's ambassadors.


I am a strategist. I am skilled in creating a vision and engaging people. I have an interest in what makes people tick and how they think. Learning about individuals on my team helps me empower a growth mindset. In work, in play, in life... I envision success and create trailblazing strategies to achieve development.


I am usually underwater... but on surface intervals, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing piano, baking, traveling, and gardening.

Envisioning success and creating trailblazing strategies to achieve development.

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