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Founder & Conservationist

February 2022 - Present

I founded FINS LLC, a conservation-focused jewelry brand with Willie Caal, a marine biologist - and lionfish expert - from Belize. We started the organization in an effort to raise awareness about the impact invasive lionfish are having on the reefs of the Caribbean. Our goal in creating jewelry is to increase the value of invasive fish so fishermen are more incentivized to catch them. 

We currently sell our jewelry locally in Belize at markets, like Market on the Go Belize, and jewelry stores, like Denyse's Gift Shop. Our jewelry opens a conversation with people about invasive lionfish, citizen science conservation projects, and mitigation strategies. With 500+ pieces sold, our brand outreach is continuously growing.

We hope to eventually create a full-circle supply chain where not only the lionfish fins are being used to create opportunity, but the skins, filet, and unused parts are as well. 

What is FINS Jewelry?

FINS is a marine conservation organization operating in the Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve (Belize) dedicated to protecting and restoring coral reefs being impacted by invasive lionfish.

FINS creates jewelry using the fins from invasive lionfish culled in the Caribbean. The concept of lionfish jewelry is inspired by local Belizean artisans. FINS design diverges from the traditional style of lionfish jewelry by using a metal base setting to display and seal the lionfish fins. The design preserves the fin and showcases its natural beauty.

As a social venture, FINS aims to create inherent value by creating popular jewelry for ocean conservation. The ultimate goal is to increase the value, in turn, increasing the number caught of this invasive species. By catching more, FINS hopes to control populations of these fish and restore balance in reef ecosystems.

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